I'll dance all night I'll dance the pain away
I'll dance until the morning sun Graces us with day
I'll dance until I'm numb Until I don't feel anymore
I'll dance until I'm gone And don't remember what I'm dancing for I'll dance until you love me I'll dance the rest of my life I'll dance until you return By the moon's gentle light I'll dance to the music Of my shattering heart I'll dance until it doesn't hurt As you tear me apart

Friday, December 24, 2010


dinding kat bilik aku :) , hhaha , cantik x > weeee, model2 aku amik dari guess . haha ,. amik color itam kuning , biar nmpak gerek sikit ar . haha . lukisan conteng2 2 if perhatikan mmg lawa . bukan entam buta k . ahahah .

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